This is my novelization of Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition. Ralis, a 21 year old human who has lived in Candlekeep with his foster father Gorion for nearly 20 years is about to embark on the most remarkable adventure of his life, uncovering a conspiracy involving iron and discovering secrets about his mysterious heritage.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu's In the service of Kelemvor, there are many stories. Some stories have happened, or will happen, or may happen only. This is a scene from the end of one of them. Lord of the Dead, Judge of the Damned, Lord of the Crystal Spire Greater Deity Symbol - Upright skeletal arm holding the golden scales of justice xi) Esta lista de desaparecidos (y presumiblemente muertos) incluye a Los Audaces de Berefast y Los Valientes de Sapra, Los Muchos Dientes Brillantes de Ormpetarr y Los Triunfadores de Ozra de Milvarune. Algunos creen que incluso la compañía mercenaria de las Espadas de Hargul fueron presa de El Dragón Que Nunca Murió. Template:Statusdate This list comprises links to all articles in the Forgotten Realms Wiki that deals with anything related to the Forgotten Realms and its sub-settings The Horde, Maztica, Malatra and the Arcane Age, as well as Kara-Tur and Al-Qadim, all D&D campaign settings located on the Makes a lot of sense @Aasim. But then again BG1 thiefs suffer quite a bit from this, too. Ofc they have BS to kill quicker and traps to cheese stronger. :D Drow death cleric

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Son recibidos en Ormpetarr por la Orden del Fuego Azul. 1394 CV, Año de muerto sin lamento; El Gran Cabal del Enclave Esmeralda comienza a tratar de detener la marea de peregrinos que pasan por spellscarred Túrmish. They are welcomed in Ormpetarr by the Order of Blue Fire. 1394 DR (Year of Deaths Unmourned) The Grand Cabal of the Emerald Enclave begins attempting to stem the tide of spellscarred pilgrims that pass through Turmish. Years of straining with their conflicted Sembian and Cormyrean identities, and struggling against the rule of Netheril His face and half his torso torn and severed but his legs and mind still intact. Afraid to be seen by civilization, he spent the following six years in seclusion, traveling the Plaguelands, hiding from hideous mutated creatures and forgotten pilgrims, occasionally finding the misjudged comfort of shelter in the ruined city of Ormpetarr. Ormpetarr 奥姆派塔尔 Ormshas 欧姆萨斯 Orsraun Mountains 欧司朗山脉 Orthinos Eln 奥尔西诺斯·艾恩 Oryndoll 奥灵多尔城 Osiris 奥西里斯 Ossuary 藏骨库 Otyugh 食腐怪 Outer Chamber 外围宫殿 outer planes 外层位面 Owlbear 枭熊 Pack Outcast 狼群浪人 Paladin 圣武士 paladin class 圣武士 paladin orders

This is a listing of the characters, adventurers, villains, and non-player characters (NPCs) introduced in the Rob's World!Face-to-Face (f2f) campaign.This listing includes all current player characters and non-player characters introduced in the game to date*.

Evil stirs in Ormpetarr. The module was originally was written in Icelandic but is now available in English in DMsGuild.com. Evil stirs in Ormpetarr is designed for 4-6 1st level PCs and of a non-evil alignment. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms, in the city Ormpetarr, south of Vilhoun Reach. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond A geography question. Quick question. In 1479 what city in Faerûn is closest to Ormpetarr? I have looked all over for a detailed world map but have found little luck. I'm starting a character in the Neverwinter videogame from Ormpetarr but that is not one of the starter cities so I want to pick one close. I want my lore to be right.

It lies near the end of the Vilhon Reach, to the southwest of Chlondath. Sespech is a minor naval power with the port capital of Ormpetarr. Inland is the fertile Golden Plains region lying between two rivers. Turmish — The peaceful land is located at the northern shore at the end of the Vilhon Reach. It is bordered by the Orsraun Mountains to

The Order sponsored the annual Festival of Blue Fire in Ormpetarr. Thousands of pilgrims journeyed to Ormpetarr during the festival in the hope of receiving a spellscar. Unfortunately, most died a horrible death. The Order of the Gauntlet is a relatively new organization dedicated to smiting evil wherever it lurks and without hesitation.

High House of Swords and Banners (Ormpetarr) Spear Rock (Wyvernhunt) Swordpoint Shrine (Essembra) Swordspoint Hall (Berdusk) The Abbey of the Sword (Battledale) The Arms House (Calimport) The Beacon of Battle (Calimport) The Hand that Swings the Sword (Elturel) The High Hall of Swords (Mulmaster) The House of Glory (Tantras) The House of Heroes

As I think more and more about it, I am finding that I want to reconnect with Duvan and Slanya and Gregor and Tyrangal. I want to return to Ormpetarr and cross into the The Plaguewrought Lands. I'm not so much interested in re-encountering Vraith or Beaugrat, but I will happily suffer them for the rest. :) Little known fact If one single reason explains how humans have come to dominate so much of Faerûn compared to older, wiser races, it might be this: Humans are Toril's best merchants. Price of Vigilance was created somewhere in the Vilhon Reach approximately 1242 DR, and is recorded as property of a Helmite caravan guardian in Ormpetarr (Sespech) in 1244 DR, where it is listed simply as a minor defending weapon. The next time the sword appears is in the logs of the mage Turinsar the White-Armed in Waterdeep, who bought it in As I mentioned in my last article, there are a lot of gods in the Forgotten Realms. The list in the Player's Handbook has only a few of them! This article presents five of the important gods of Neutrality. Kelemvor, Lord of the Dead Kelemvor is another mortal who became a god. The lover of… [DnD 4e PbP] Crumbling Citadels (OOC) I recommend to you Senior Hospitaler Larsonn Gales currently of Ormpetarr, previously of Eltabbar, Luthcheq and Loudwater. He has served with distinction at all of his posts. Along with this introduction, you will find a detailing of Hospitaler Gales' notable deeds. I am sure you will hear, or have

1 oportuna do Simbul, que se sacrifica restaurando Elminster em Vraith, uma elfa Marcada pela Praga, lder da Ordem da (Order of Blue Flame) seu corpo original (at esse momento, Elminster era apenas Chama Azul , em Ormpetarr, teve sua alma unida um espirito de magia e ocupava o corpo de sua bisneta com a fronteira mgica das Terras Forjadas pela "Neste livro você encontrará um resumão do mundo de Forgotten Realms, com descrição dos reinos, raças, classes, divindades, regiões e muito mais! Só com este livro você já pode ambientar inúmeras campanhas no cenário de RPG mais famoso de todos os tempos!" They are welcomed in Ormpetarr by the Order of Blue Fire. 1394 DR (Year of Deaths Unmourned) The Grand Cabal of the Emerald Enclave begins attempting to stem the tide of spellscarred pilgrims that pass through Turmish. • Years of straining with their conflicted Sembian and Cormyrean identities, and struggling against the rule of Netheril,